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About Us

Founded in 1969 as a modest enterprise, KESKİN YAPI laid the foundations of an institutional structure by our family elder AHMET GEYİK in 1991. Construction Market Sector since 1991, serving the KESKİN YAPI, with a total of 5500 m2 of shops and storage space, with a fleet of 18 vehicles with the principle of accurate and fast delivery by serving with the proud of being one of the industry's leading companies.
The main dealer of NG KÜTAHYA in Bakirkoy is in the area of ​​ceramic and bathroom products and offers impressive, elegant solutions for your living spaces in 1000 m2 closed area. KESKİN YAPI offers the right solutions for you by continuously improving the variety of products from Ceramic-Bath products to Paint products, Hardware products to Construction Chemicals and Insulation products, Rough Construction material to Electrical materials, Water installation products to Restoration products from the leading companies.
Extensive range of products reaching 10,000 varieties. As a quality and product variety, our company which has proven itself to the world in its sector, is the dealer, the main seller or the seller of 17 domestic and foreign companies.
With our fleet of 18 vehicles and experienced staff of 28 people, accurate and fast delivery, continuous improvement with our customers satisfaction, the best service quality has been our most important principles. As KESKİN YAPI, we know that we will provide the greatest contribution to our country by working together, we are proud of our past achievements, on the other hand we look forward to the future with hope.
We thank you for your years of trust and support


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Serving in the Construction Market Sector since 1991, Keskin Yapı serves a total of 5500 m2 of store and storage space, with a large vehicle fleet with the right and fast delivery principle.

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